Thursday, December 09, 2010


Working on missions at a church. Honestly, I had always viewed this as an old person's passion. For whatever reason every missions board I have ever seen is chock full of elderly people splitting dimes between 25 missionaries... It left me asking myself, is it more costly to write the check than the value on it??

So, now I am working to transform our missions into Biblical relevance. Here is where our ministry is headed (love to know your thoughts).

As a ministry, we are seeking to make wise choices with our time and resources. For many years, the leadership of our church and our members have been discussing our thoughts on how to better approach missions. Understanding the development in communication through technology, the fact that it is nearly impossible for missionaries to report to several churches during a time of furlough, and the realities we face annually with our budget, we have come to a few key understandings:

  1. We continue to believe strongly in missions and the global call of the Gospel.

  2. We believe missionaries should be supported by few churches to great degrees, thereby providing accountability to both the church and its missionaries.

  3. We continue to believe that money is not the primary function of church missions programs, but rather prayer and communication .

  4. We must partner with missionaries and mission agencies that are in lock step with our understanding of the Gospel, the Scriptures, theology, and social justice.

What are we missing?

P.S. here is my latest attempt at "art."

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Kel said...

awesome "attempt" at art. hahaha,it's thought provoking, great

Jessica B said...

I'm here from your wife's blog... the comment regarding missonaries being supported by few churches is interesting. Our pastor who was once a missonary said they would rather be suppored by many churches because if only 3 or 4 support them and one of those churches would fail or no longer support them they would be in deep trouble instead of losing 1 or 2% of their support they would suddenly be without 25% of their support.... just something to keep in mind :)