Tuesday, October 05, 2010

.My Son, My Journey {Part 1}.

"Do you believe I can be your everything?"

I can still remember the clear sound of His whisper in my ear.

"Am I really sufficient?"

God has been tearing me down for quite some time now. I am only now at the place where I can look backward and begin to see just how pathetic I truly am in light of Him. Honestly, I am a very selfish person. I am extremely prideful, and I have a huge propensity for seeing the grass as greener on the "other side." Most of my life I have spent dreaming about how good it would/could be if only... Never once considering how good it is. I remember in my past ministry, relating to people how content I was, how I was "living my dream", all the while knowing that it was words I should say, not words I wanted to say. Not because I wasn't living my dream, but because I couldn't ever find true contentment.

Now, before I digress too far, let's just leave it at a reality that I have long since worked to attain full control of my world and a death grip on my circumstance.

In walks Gerlie... my family's Compassion child. Thank you Gerlie for opening my eyes to the Truth that I have it sooo good!

It was in reading the realities of Gerlie's circumstance that God began to rub a salve on the eyes of one selfish, prideful, pathetic soul and begin the process of removing the blinders of my life.

{Part 1, Truth 1}
Jim, you lack nothing.

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1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Jim, I love watching the transformation in you. It is raw and sometimes messy, but it is authentic, and it is a masterpiece painted by the very brush strokes of our Creator. I am blessed to be a part of the journey with you. I love you.