Tuesday, October 12, 2010

.My Son, My Journey {Part 3}.

"Do you believe I can be your everything?"

I can still remember the clear sound of His whisper in my ear.

"Am I really sufficient?"

Somehow, unwittingly, I uncovered the reality that my journey is mostly a reflection on how people have impacted me. So, I am going to continue in that way... until things change or until I run out of people.

With that said, meet Jo. A sweet, gentle woman that God placed in our path. She and her husband are seeking adoption via ET as well. In fact, it was her blog that led to our watching Lucy. The part of her journey that found its way into my story came after we chose to adopt.

Honestly, I thought it would be the most fantastical news anyone would want to hear. I thought that when I told people our plans, they would run up and down the streets. They would say things like "I am so proud of you." or "God is so awesome to have put this on your heart." Instead, our story was kind of... "so, we have been accepted to adopt via Ethiopia!" {cue the crickets.}

That's when Jo spoke the words into my life that I needed to hear. I wish I could say them all to you, but honestly, they are hers not mine. When it all is said and done, of all the things she said... the words I will never forget were: "I am doing this because I love God and I believe HE is in this. I want to be in His will and I want to be like Jesus for this little life." {me too, Jo}

{Part 3, Truth 3} Jim, it is about God, a little life in ET, and your obedience... not anything or anyone else.

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Tiffany said...

I love reading these. I already know our journey, but I love reading your side of it!

LEEthal Weapon said...

Jim, these are great posts. Sounds like God is really teaching you a lot! We're so excited for you guys, and praying for you as well. Your posts give me some great stuff to think about as we go on our journey too!