Wednesday, October 06, 2010

.My Son, My Journey {Part 2}.

"Do you believe I can be your everything?"

I can still remember the clear sound of His whisper in my ear.

"Am I really sufficient?"

Public perception {my perception} about adoption is {was} full of lies. If you can't birth your own... If you are wealthy... If your life has a void nothing else can fill... Don't get me started on the lies... Honestly, I wish I could stand at the top of the Holy pile and cast judgment down on all "those guys" that pereptuate these lies, but the truth is, I was one of them... {wince} [Just once I would like to have figured this stuff out before I write about it, but alas, that is not my story]

Jim, meet Lucy. There are a few people who everyone in the adoption world know all about, every once in a while, one of those people make their mark on their "gotcha day." For Lucy, God showered a divine charisma that He is using to fuel revival {at least in me}. Lucy, it is my desire to one day hug you and express to you everything you began in me... with tears in my eyes I write:

{Part 2, Truth 2} It starts with one...

{And for me, it started with a beautiful little girl in ET who forever owns a piece of my heart.}

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