Friday, May 06, 2011

.Someday, you'll know.

We visited the postal district, on appointment. It was the day we were to dine with H. I had promised the other boys on the street that I would bring them something to eat. It was a reality they reminded me of often.

After walking around the postal district for about an hour or two, our van arrived and I began distributing the food... much to the dismay of our driver. But before I did, I told H, don't worry I have many things for you... As I began to give out the food, H frantically tried to get his share. I told him, be patient I have much better things in store for you, but still he grasped for the insignificant treats.

I thought to myself, someday you will get it.

H, I would move heaven and earth to help you. I would uproot my whole family if I had to, just for you. You are special to me. Not because of who you are-you are certainly not a dignitary, you aren't going to bring me wealth, fame or renown... nope. You are insignificant.

{and various other batman effects}

In the same way that I am nothing, there is One who is desperate to captivate me and gift me with good things {Matt 7:11; Luke 11:13; James 1:17; 1 Peter 4:10}, that One has seeded H in my heart. So why am I expecting him to understand something I don't.
Every day I hear of some new trinket I desire. Some other device, machine, tool, car, job, etc. and I think to myself... If I had that... Meanwhile God is saying, "you just don't get it." I abandoned everything of value for you. I have grand plans for you. I am going to gift you with things your mind's eye can only now imagine. When all that junk fades away... You will have Me.

H, I am not God-not even close. But I know what I would do for you, and knowing that makes me shutter at how shallow my perspective has been on what God has to offer me.

Someday you'll know... and hopefully, someday I'll get it.

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Sara said...

Jim, your words spoke right to my heart today. There is just so much "junk" that I tend to crave and I too often think "if only I had, If only we had this..." and I forgot that God has so much more in-store for me than just things.

Today as my heart struggles with longings to be able to do more, and change more, i have to run and cling to my Savior who "is more." I too hope that one day "I'll get it."

How is H doing?

Jim Darling said...

Sara, H is doing very well. He misses us as much as we miss him.