Sunday, July 04, 2010

.Heading to Hershey.

For the first time in years I am taking my wife on a three day adventure for our anniversary! To say the least, I am pumped! We have never had the opportunity to do this because I used to be a summer camp director and they are just a little busy for the summer:).
Anyway, we are headed to do some of our favorite things. We are going to have a Dalton day (the city we first lived in as a married couple.) Basically, that consists of dinner and a movie... just the two of us. It's been years since we have done that. Then, we are going to Hershey Park. When we were dating we went together with Tiffany's family. Lastly, we are having a Tunkhannock day (the last place we lived in PA. (This basically consists of doing nothing.)

Before we go, let me share with you a few things about my bride: She is increasingly confident, extremely intelligent, hates math and loves to read. She is gorgeous, everything any man would desire in a women... but back off men, she is mine. She is gifted in photography, creative, a learner... and most importantly, she clings to her Savior. I am not going to fabricate the reality that many of the most significant journeys we have been on together are because she humbly and submissively whispered in my ear the Truths that God had laid on her heart. It is no mistake that my Creator looked at me, and graciously matched me with her. I am incredibly blessed!

Thank you Father for giving me... Tiffany!

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Bethany said...

Have a great time you guys!!! You deserve this :-)