Wednesday, July 14, 2010

.You win, I lose.

Ever find yourself in the midst of one of those freshman-year-of-college debates... You know, the kind that both parties dramatically oppose one another. Both walk into the conversation "right," only to storm off angry two hours later all the more sure that they were right! (Of course, chased down with two days of awkward silence.)

If you can't tell: I am a recovering addict of verbal battles.
Today, I am ready to admit it, you win, I lose.

One of those perpetual battles I have engaged in for years finds its grounding in being "different from the world." So, you ask, which side were you on? It's complicated. Yes, we are to be different, but difference with the parties I was debating has always been defined as retroactive by ten years... We can do it as long as we are 10-20 years behind what the world sees as "en vogue." (by my count, that makes hair metal a viable option for praise and worship)

So Here's where I went wrong... In pursuing the truth that this argument is foolish, I missed the Truth. I should be different.

When I think about the fact that Christ calls us to a life that leads to persecution, it doesn't exactly inspire within me a "I can't wait" attitude. In fact, my lack of desire for trial and difficulty has left me willing to be satisfied by a life of doing... Nothing.

Platt puts it this way:

Maybe this is why we sit back and settle for a casual relationship with Christ and routine religion in the church. It is safe there, and the world likes us there. The world likes us when we are pursuing everything they are pursuing, even if we do put a Christian label on it. As long as Christianity looks like the American dream we will have few problems in the world.

Whoa... Wait a minute... The world doesn't take issue with me because I am not different.
Maybe the reason I don't see loads of converts to Christ by the way I live in front of them because we have the same religion... Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Jim Elliot said of America that, "their condemnation is written on their bank books and in the dust on their Bible covers."

I am not a political person... this is not an anti-American rant... This is about one thing:
As I stand before the God of all creation, I want Him to see something different... for HIS glory!

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Tiffany said...

Awesome thoughts, Jim! Keep writing....

Aunt Kathy said...

Jim,thank-you for writing. I love Jim Elliott's writing as well as Elisabeth's. Very thought provoking and convicting. Keep it up!!! ~AK~