Tuesday, July 27, 2010

. Me and Mephibosheth.

While doing some required reading for our adoption, I stumbled on the story of Mephibosheth. You remember, he is the son of Jonathon. In fact, when Jonathon was killed in battle and Saul took his own life, Mephibosheth's caretakers ran off with him. In the process, they slipped and fell and crippled him...

Now, perhaps the most well-to-do boy in all the kingdom of Israel is a crippled little child hidden from the world and dependant on the mercy of others...

Don't forget, David swore to Jonathon that he would take care of his family... So years later, David remembers his promise to Jonathon and inquired about Jonathon's family. This is where Mephibosheth reenters the picture! Laura Christianson describes the interaction like this:

That's when David learns Jonathon has a son. He can;t wait to see Mephibosheth, and he summons him immediately to Jerusalem. Mephibosheth limps into David's presence, trembling.
Seeing the image of Jonathan in the young man's face, David melts. He leans forwards and whispers, "Don't be afraid." I imagine David adding, :" I loved your father as much as I love myself. And because I loved him, I am going to adopt you!"
Mephibosheth replies, "Who am I that you pay attention to a stray dog like me?"
(The Adoption Decision)

Here is what's strange: I am adopting, and can see tons of parallels to just how this should impact that for me... for everyone... etc.

...but I can't get it out of my head: I am a stray dog... desperate for love... missing the reality that I have a seat at the table of the king!

So here it is: Today, may I embrace the Truth that God stooped down to me, not because of me... But he did. So, may I glory in His love and seek to point all the other strays to the table of the King... because from where I am sitting there are seats open and the invitation is out!

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