Thursday, July 01, 2010

I am not a blogger... but God has been captivating my heart in ways that I cannot deny! So, I must put it out there.

For weeks my wife and I have been wrestling with Truth. Our conversations go back and forth. I realize time and again that we are talking in circles... because we are captivated! My wife and my eyes have been opened to the Truth that God cares for orphans and widows, and that He has called us (everyone who is adopted as a son or daughter of the Almighty Creator of the Universe) to nurture the fatherless and comfort the husband less.

Growing up, I remember time and again when my family would see images of starving kids in Africa. I remember the words, "those kids are already dead" and "that agency gives pennies on the dollar to starving children." Honestly, that meant: "I don't have to do anything." Recently it struck me... better that a starving child get pennies on the dollar than the nothing I gave.

I am not advocating that we support deceitful agencies that lie and steal... However, I am advocating that we do just a little research... Support Compassion International, or a local homeless shelter, or an adoptive family, or something ANYTHING.

I sit here weeping as I write this, because I did nothing for too long and I am ashamed... But here me: I AM CHANGED...

Here is a nugget of Truth that we should all embrace: True Religion never adds up to zero... zero money invested, zero time spent, zero prayers prayed, zero tears cried... If you add it up and you're at zero... you DON'T HAVE True Religion!

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