Wednesday, August 18, 2010

.At the Heart of the Gospel.

The heart of the Gospel... the heart of my Savior.

I realized for the first time the other day that there are two things planted deeply within the heart of God... Marriage and Adoption.

For some reason, it had never occured to me before now how much God cares about those two things...

On the one hand, here I am, the filthy whore, standing before my Knight in shining armor.

I shutter to picture it: How must my pathetic plea sound?
I am sorry I slept with him again... he just treats me so nice... I know there has never been anyone who cares for me like you... but it makes me feel good to be with him... {I just threw up in my mouth a little.}

On the other hand, God reaches down and looks at my poor impoverished condition, and says... I want to make you My son.

And here I am, with nothing to offer on either account... No way to bring glory to me... All I can do is point to my Creator and say "Glory to God... Glory to God, forever..."

It's no wonder marriages are falling apart everywhere, it makes sense that there are 147 million orphans...

Because we're comfortable...

God, send revival... in me.

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Redeemed1 said...

It's so important for us as believers that we are all adopted -grafted in to God's family - and the only thing we bring to the table is our sin. Caring for even one orphan seems like such a small thing compared to what He has given us - can we ever really comprehend the magnitude of the gift He has given us?
I'm praying for you as you proceed on your adoption journey.

Redeemed1 said...

Hmm... I meant to say that it is important for us as believers to remember that we are all adopted.