Thursday, August 05, 2010

.Don't Get Comfortable.

The shock value in me wants to say, "settle onto your coach, grab a nice cup of coffee, get comfortable... and go to hell."

The Problem: I don't actually believe that.

I have been transformed into an American Dream hater... I doubt that is a big secret to anyone who knows me well, but the question becomes, "Is there a balance?" or "Is it possible to be sold out to the American Dream and Christ?"

Yikes, I think I liked the first question better than the last. My answer the former is, "sure." After all, I live in America... There are conveniences here that simply make life easier and save time and energy. It would be foolish to say that I would not partake in the use of a vehicle or purchase groceries at the store, or... fill in the blank. So the balance is that my world just can't be wrapped up in the "dream."

Now, about the latter, "Is it possible to be sold out to the American Dream and Christ?"

Ummm... {Wince} No.

Why? I think there is a wealth of reasons, but the one that I continue to come back to is one of comfort. I beg someone to show me from the Text of Scripture where we are called to a life of ease. I fail to see anywhere in the whole of the Bible where we are asked to get comfortable. Get Silent. {Yes.} Rest in Christ. {Yes.} Don't worry. {Absolutely} Get Comfortable. {No.}

Here is the other problem: Tons of people say "I don't think God (or Jesus) would want..." then something about their discomfort... Great. Except one little detail, if that was true, wouldn't He include that somewhere in the Text?

Can we all just STOP THE SPIT BALLING!! Seriously, if God wants to communicate it, He would through His Word, Right? If that doesn't sit well with you... Read Luke 9 and find the "be comfortable" command.

So What? So live as though I am a part of a different paradigm... What if I lived my life a though this world has nothing to offer in comparison with what my Father has for me? To live otherwise is Ridiculous!

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